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Gain a Qualification in High School


Alphacrucis is offering you the opportunity to study a VET qualification as a part of your high school studies. Whether a part of Year 10 Early Commencement, or as a subject taken in Year 11 or 12, use your final school years to get certified and prepare yourself for employment or university. We offer a wide range of qualifications including Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV & Diploma.


VET in Schools with Alphacrucis VET can be a pathway to university entry into a variety of undergraduate Degrees at most Australian Universities. The AQF Levels 3, 4 & 5 (Certificate III, Certificate IV & Diploma) are commonly recognised as an Ungraded ATAR equivalent (UAE). Students will need to check with their desired university for the precise entry requirements.



Short Courses

Through the Diploma Pathway Program (DPP), students have the opportunity to complete a VETiS Diploma alongside their High School Certificate of Education. 

Yr 10, 11 & 12 students can achieve a nationally recognised VETiS qualification while still at high school.

These courses provide students with practical skills and knowledge of a particular industry.

VETiS offers a range of short courses for Yr 9 / 10 students to complete as part of their electives or during school holidays. These short courses can stream into the students pattern of study in senior years.

Our Promise to You

Vocational education and training courses are a direct pathway to gain the skills and knowledge you need to start your career. When you achieve a VET qualification, you receive a nationally recognised qualification as part of your Higher School Certificate. Our courses follow emerging industries while tailor-making qualifications that ensure future trends are meeting the changing conditions of employability.

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VETiS Alphacrucis offers a range of Nationally Recognised vocational qualifications including Certificate II, III, IV & Diploma.

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The VETiS vision is to provide students with an opportunity for industry-based education in a nurturing, Christ-centred environment.

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Students are equipped with industry knowledge, skills and experience which prepares them to enter the work force.

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The VETiS team actively works with students to enhance their opportunity for employment through resume writing and interviewing workshops.

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VETiS design programs and pathways to prepare students for future employment and tertiary education choices.

Pastoral Care
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Students will receive nurture and guidance through their vocational education and encouragement in their faith.

VETiS Partners

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